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  • Vaccines help develop immunity by imitating a natural infection, but without causing illness. Think of them as a “primer” of the immune system.
  • A well designed vaccination program will greatly reduce the risk of large outbreaks, but may not totally prevent disease. If problems do occur, cases should be mild and recover faster.
  • There are different types of vaccines and new technologies continue to advance our vaccine arsenal. Know the pros/cons of each type of vaccine and where they fit best into an overall program.
  • Review Best Practices with your veterinarian to see how your vaccination program stacks up. Where can/should improvements be made?
  • The Covid vaccines in the market are biotech derived subunit vaccines. This is the safest type of vaccine, which is why the FDA allowed them to be fast-tracked to conditional use licenses. Get yourself and your farm crew vaccinated, as they are safe and highly effective vaccines.