The history of Standard Dairy Consultants (SDC) is tied directly to the rich history of Standard Nutrition Company (SNC), our parent company.

The year was 1886

when F.E. Sanborn, an entrepreneurial veterinarian, first approached American family farmers and introduced nutritional supplements for homegrown feedstuffs. The farmers used his supplements and their productivity increased, so The F.E. Sanborn Company—now known as Standard Nutrition Company—was born.

Two significant milestones helped lead SDC to become a separate, wholly owned subsidiary of SNC in 2007. The first was when SNC began utilizing a consultative, species-specific sales approach—one that emphasized nutrition, health, genetics, environment and records. The other was when SNC placed a deliberate emphasis on the dairy market in the 1990s, enabling consultants to focus specifically on the needs of dairy producers and their herds. With this emphasis, the dairy division eventually grew to a level that led SDC to becoming its own separate business.

Today, SDC is a proven leader in providing innovative and customized solutions for more than 400,000 dairy cows throughout the Midwest, High Plains, Northeast and Northwest regions of the United States. This is accomplished through a network of highly trained consultants who work closely with clients to provide hands-on expertise and guidance on a wide range of customized services designed to maximize herd health and productivity, improve reproductive performance, and increase overall profitability. SDC is committed to the success and growth of the dairy industry and the highest possible return for our customers.