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Reproductive efficiency and body condition score: Are you in the high-fertility cycle?

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Technical Topics


  • Cows with higher BCS at dry-off or calving are more likely to lose BCS during transition.
  • BCS loss during transition is associated with reduced reproductive efficiency.
  • Attempts at altering BCS at calving to reduce BCS loss should not be substituted for impeccable transition cow management.
  • Reduced variation between cows is a factor in entering a high-fertility cycle and a consequence of the high-fertility cycle.
  • BCS will be reduced with increasing reproductive efficiency due to less time being spent in late lactation.
  • In herds that are in a high-fertility cycle, efforts to raise BCS to previous recommendations are unnecessary and could result in some excessively heavy cows.
  • In herds that intend on entering a high-fertility cycle, a focus on reproductive management and reduction of variation between animals can be accomplished by setting strict limits on days open or times bred.